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Community Restoration Initiative (CORE) is a non- profit making, group member- based Non- Governmental Organization, founded and registered in 2015, Reg. No.0356.

The Organization offices are situated in Kampala, Uganda. CORE offers psycho-social support and vocational skills for job creation and employment youths and children. Since its inception in 2015 youths who include 21 street children (Garbage collectors), 92 Teenage mothers, 46 women in sexual exploitation, 17 youths in drug abuse and 3 youths with disability have benefited from our programs.

CORE has been partnering with health, legal, educational institutions in restoring hope, morals and livelihood among vulnerable youths and children in and around the slums of Kampala City. The beneficiaries are teenage mothers, street children, prostitutes, youths in drug abuse and vulnerable children.

The programs include Guidance and Counseling, Vocational skills training, Music Dance and Drama, Games and Sports, Workshops, Field work and Health.

The short courses include hairdressing pedicure and manicure, shoe making, Bakery and cookery, tailoring, fashion design and Reading and writing skills.

The Organization engages an approach that combines psycho-social support and livelihood skills transfer to reduce the economic vulnerability of this category of young people. Similarly COREs staff provides skills for the whole child in a friendly environment.

With the little resources available.

we have strengthened these young people with the ability to overcome severe hardships resulting from devastation of families by HIV pandemic and poverty.

We want to continue motivating more young people to discover individual talents needed to utilize out there. This is a catalyst to achieving meaningful and successful life for self-improvement.

Our Goal is

To address social, emotional and economical challenges to vulnerable youths and children with skills for immediate use

Our vision

Transform youth, Transform society. We achieve to social and economic transformation for youths.

Our mission

To tap the inert skills for productivity using formal and non- formal approach in order to improve the livelihood of youths.

About the Founder of Community Restoration initiative - Florence Kaluuba

For 25 years Florence Kaluuba has taught girls who dropped out of formal school system.

Kaluuba is a teacher and a counselor. She was motivated by her personal experience where parent prefer to educate boys than girls.

She has such girls who have dropped out of school to acquire knowledge and skills with great integrity that make them economically independent. She works with a strong CORE team to help more vulnerable youths who yearn to benefit from CORE programs.

Florence's work has been publicized, in the local news papers i.e. The Daily Monitor, October, 2011, the new Vision, on the International Women's Day, March 8th. 2016 was recognized with a Golden medal for her contributions towards restoring hope, livelihood, providing vocational skills for employment and job creation among vulnerable Youth and children. Her contribution to National effort to educate the girl child ( educate a woman educate the nation) has been extended to restoring peace and security by rehabilitating disorderly and vulnerable youths and reconciling children to their families This is unwavering passion that has kept her involved for over two decades.

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Our Objectives

  • To provide vocational skills for job creation and gainful employment
  • To carry out Research and publication of information on HIV/AIDS, family planning and challenges faced by youth;
  • To promote and improve on reading culture among the illiterate youth;
  • To network with different organizations and government agencies with similar objectives in the struggle against poverty, and unemployment and social menaces;
  • To create awareness on the rights, challenges and obligation of adolescent youth and children and in Uganda
  • To bridge the gap between the youths , reconcile them with their parents/ guardians and all categories of community leaders / elders
  • To advocate for enactment and or implementation of laws and policies that teenage mothers and their children from child sacrifice, trafficking and other forms of exploitation.
  • To provide counseling and guidance sessions to the youths in order to restore hope in the youth and harmony in the society;
  • To encourage youths join patriotism clubs, which promote love and peace in the country
  • To facilitate referral of youth who are addicted to Drugs for care
  • To create Capacity Building and Training peer counselors and local leaders

Location : Kampala District County : Kawempe
Parish : Kyebando

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